About Casting

The casting process involves a series of auditions before a casting panel, composed of individuals within a film or advertising production such as producer or director. However, within a given television production a casting panel can consist of a television producer, or within film production a casting panel could contain a film producer, film director, and/or choreographer. Usually, in nearly all areas of show business, a casting director is on this panel as well. In the early stages of this process performers often may present, or are presented with prepared audition pieces such as monologues, songs, choreography, scripts and or sides. CASTING IN CAPE TOWN Cape Town has a vibrant film and advertising industry with many international productions being filmed in the city. Kool Kids Casting provides a service to their clients that is unmatched in the Cape Town Film industry since 2000. Every year 100 of casting roles are granted to local talent in many of the international adverts that are produced in Cape Town. Enrol today to get in on some of the best roles in the business.    

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