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What is the connection between Character Wize and Kool Kids?
Kool Kids Casting Club is the holding Company specialising in kids and

Character Wize is our adult Character Division

What is a Character Artist compared to a model?
We are looking for Characters who are real people with interesting and quirky looks that stand out in a crowd .Confident, outgoing, colourful personalities and adventurous sense of being.

(If you are looking to be a model doing fashion and ramp work we recommend you contact one of the Model Agencies in your area)

Is previous experience or training needed?
Previous experience is not a necessity but it is beneficial and also if you have an interest in drama. There are courses available and worthwhile but you don’t need to be a professionally trained actor.
What sort of work do our Characters do?
Television and stills advertising (magazines, catalogues, posters etc), films and series
Is there a guarantee that everyone in the agency will get work?

We guarantee that we will market/recommend your Portfolio for all the shoots where your description matches what they are looking for.

We receive a brief from a client requesting a specific look, age group or skill set. We then submit our talent who we feel are best suited to the roles briefed to us. From that point on, selections are out of our control as the client chooses who should attend castings, and subsequently they will decide who is confirmed for the shoot.  

This is important to note, as we have realised over time that there is a misconception around signing up with an agency & that it guarantees work.

Why choose Character Wize as opposed to another Agency?
Being on the Exco Board of NAMA (National Association of model Agencies) and being an accredited  member nothing falls to chance. We are held accountable to the International Modelling Standards, formalised processes, contracts and other key functions. Our commitment to best practise provides our clients and members the benefit of a wealth of experience, reliability, professionalism and peace of mind.
Will it improve my chances by joining more than one agency?
You can’t be with more than one agency at the same time – if you are with more than one the client is too busy to resolve any questions about which agency is representing you – they will rather look at other talent and disregard you.
How do I sign up?
Let us know when you are ready and we will e mail you the application forms and how to pay.

We need the completed forms, copy of ID together with proof of payment.

An appointment will be confirmed with our photographer to have photos taken

AND then we can start recommending you for some exciting shoots.

If you are not a South African Citizen it can still work?
You need to be either a South African citizen or have a valid working/resident permit.

Send an inquiry today to receive registration information