Jade Glenn – December 2023 

From the moment we connected with KoolKids, the experience has been nothing short of exceptional. The agency’s transparency regarding the application process and expectations was highly appreciated and their website stands as a testament to their dedication.

The noticeable growth in Natara’s confidence has been one of the most rewarding aspects of this journey and as a result, she’s not only become more poised in front of the camera but has also shown increased confidence in her everyday life.
I wholeheartedly recommend Koolkids to any family seeking a reputable agency who is committed to nurturing young talent in the modeling industry.


Trudy Mzinzi – December 2023 

I am so elated to have found the Koolkids, at the time when I needed an Agency for my kids casting. My kids enjoy the laughter and hard work that comes with it.
Your service professionalism is unmeasurable and communication is always a pleasure. I wish that your company can continue to grow from strength to strength.


Karina Black – November 2023 

Couldn’t have chosen a better agency for Skylah. I mean I have heard so many story’s about other agency’s, let me tell you, nothing good! Koolkids are the Best!!! Skylah has been with Koolkids since 2018. The opportunity’s are endless to TV Commercials, Store billboards and more!! So Blessed for all the Gigs that Skylah has been chosen for thus far and looking forward to many more successful years with them. I give them a 11 out of 10 Thank you Koolkids Team.

The Black family are very happy with Koolkids Agency ❤❤❤❤❤💐🙏


Philasande Elimiyo – November 

I just wanna thank Koolkids Casting for allowing my son Elimiyo to be part of the journey. It has been 1 year that you have put the smile on my face. Thanks for all the opportunities and love you showed us I still believe that we are still going far .You the best family I ever meet you loving and caring. Keep it up,  giving opportunity to young generations .
Love you!!!


Matabo Markham – November 2023 

Overall my experience with koolkids is very well ,my baby has become a regular face all because of their hard work,they up to date and viable in terms of communication so far Im happy with their services I hope for more great experiences and may god bless them❤🕯


Lazlo Adams – November 2023 

I signed my daughter up with Kool Kids not really knowing what to expect. People always encouraged me to sign her up for modeling and said that she had a smile that would melt hearts.

Right off the bat my first experience with the team was so easy and informative and I felt that all my anxieties quickly disappeared.

From the initial portfolio shoot to castings and then eventually an actual advertisement the journey has been such a blessing. The team is really involved and I felt that they were always just a simple text away if I was unsure about anything.

This journey has provided my daughter with so many opportunities that she would not previously have had. Her confidence levels have also increased over the past year from the shy more reserves girl to a blossoming and confident mini model.

She enjoys the experience so much and I am really so grateful for the opportunities that Kool Kids has provided her with.

Thank you to Nicky and Bianca for all the hard work and effort.

Nova and I appreciate you so much.


Tessia Kupiso – March 2023 

Wow wow 🤩 my first experience together with son in this industry was made smooth as we have signed up with the best agency ever Koolkids. Thank you for all the opportunities and love you have shown us it’s overwhelming and I believe we are still going far . Best family ever they care and they are very patient and prompt to assist. Love the Kupiso’s


Mandy Titi – January 2023 

I couldn’t ask for a better agent to manage Likhanye. Where little kids are given the opportunity to be stars from a young age and also the advantage to have confidence in themselves. Thank you to the star maker ⭐⭐⭐ Kool kids ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Bongi Ngaka – December 2022 

“It’s been full 2 years that my son is with Koolkids.The team is amazing they make sure your child always attend a castings and my son has done lots of amazing jobs from KoolKid 🙂


Janice Hesqua – December 2022 

My experience with Kool Kids Casting agency has been an absolute pleasure. Casting information is sent way in advance, with all the details needed. I appriciate how understanding and accommodating they are. My daughter has done many shoots in the couple of years that we’ve been with the agency. On set, the agent is always readily available and encourages open communication for any concerns or questions. When the advertisments and videos are released, we get sent the links, which is really great. The overall service, including the photographer and the communicating agent, has been pleasant and professional.
 ~Jay-Leigh Jecoliah’s mom


Bongi Kayis – November 2022 

I am greatful to Koolkids Casting for providing Kwakhanya Kayi (my daughter) with the opportunity to become their talent& model. within a short space of time I have watched her development on numerous skills , She is all over Print Media &Move Acting. None of these would have happened if Kool kids Casting hasnt chosen her…we appreciate the support we get and the availability of the staff at all times to guide us better with understanding of the Scope of work..Thank you Kool Kids


Julandi Pagotto – November 2022 

We love it at KoolKids, our experience with them is amazing. Communication is excellent and we always know where to be and who to contact if unsure. A super trustworthy casting company👌


Vianlia Bailey – December 2022 

The camera’s flash went off, a profound smile that I’ve never seen (as a parent) before.The story of happiness and enjoyment  did all appear is his eyes and all over face especially his smile. The first interaction with the camera has changed my son’s life. I immediately knew I didn’t choose for my son but introduced him to something that he already dreamed of doing. After my son’s first photoshoot his words to me was “mommy I’m going to be on TV”; surely I did prepare him for the photoshoot  and made him understand that he should smile infront of the camera; but then to my amazement it all came naturally.

My son has been with Koolkids casting for 4 months now in his 3 month he was offered his first job which took place in October 2022. He was on set for the first time I needed to control my tears of joy and just thank God for the opportunity that was provided for him by Koolkids Casting and the filming team. He has enjoyed  every moment of it and loved everyone on set (producers; writers; photographer; makeup artists; film team and everyone else) the sad part was for him to leave he enjoyed  to play with the kids and all the friendly people on set.

I would firstly like to thank God for my son’s natural gift and then to Koolkids for believing in him. This opportunity did boost my child’s personality and his confidence in a split second  and according to my son he is going to be on TV.  A dream that will come true @Koolkids casting. Than to everyone that’s choosing our kids to be on set we highly  appreciate you for choosing  not only my child but any child and give them the opportunity to make their dream come true and to be exposed  to greatness.  Big  thank you to Koolkids and team we appreciate your great work. My son is excited and happy to be apart of Koolkids Casting. We looking  forward to the new years.



Sent: Thursday, 06 May 2021 09:39

Koolkids casting agency have been representing my two sons for 8 years. Some months demanding, and others very slow. It’s a very inconsistent industry. Regardless, they have helped my children obtain lots of jobs including: commercials, print ads, acting on movie/tv sets and so many other opportunities and auditions. Koolkids is connected with professionals, top producers, casting agents, publishers and others in various industries.
Koolkids provides a reputable team of trained well-organized professionals. Quality service and support is always available in whatever opportunity, audition or booking. They are well equipped to provide you with professional representation.
We have always been provided with up to date information and support from everyone at the agency.
Each audition or booking we treat like our last. In this industry you can be hot then not. It’s not only about the agency but the casting directors and the professional experiences of the talent. The environment is forever changing.

I am often asked why I have my children in this industry and what they’ll gain. The answer is simple. The experience, skills, knowledge, friendships, and confidence attained from their involvement with Koolkids and the industry are things that I know they’ll carry with them for the rest of their life. They have experienced things that could not easily be provided and accomplished things I never thought were possible.
We are happy to be a part of this talented family.
Koolkids is so encouraging and supportive, it feels like one big family.
Thank You to the entire team, we are extremely grateful.

Lamees Martin



Sent: Wednesday, 05 May 2021 18:34

I would like to say thank you so much for allowing my child Bradley Mnguni to be part of this journey since 2015.

You have opened so many opportunities for him at a younger age like being on the catalogues, TV adverts and travelling to Namibia was the best experience!!

Keep up the good work!!

Kind Regards

Rosetta Teise


Sent: Thursday, 06 May 2021 09:23

Hi Nicky

My son Hlumelo has been working with you since he was 7 years old, and has had a few good jobs come along. He is now 13 years old and he has grown into a strong and brave man, Thank you so much Nicky and your team for giving him this opportunity.

Proud mom



Sent: Thursday, 06 May 2021 16:19

Hi Nicky & Adrienne,

We are so grateful that we registered Nicholas with Kool Kids at the young age of 5. He is now turning 17 and absolutely loves this industry and being part of the Kool Kids Talent. We have always appreciated your professional way of marketing him. You always make sure to communicate correct information and specs with your clients.

We hope that 2021 will be a great year for you and the Kool Kids Talent!

Kind regards



Sent: Tuesday, 11 May 2021 17:51

It has been a pleasure working with Koolkids agency. They are professional, efficient and great fun to work with. All information is always provided accurately and timeously. I would recommend anyone interested to join the Koolkids family.